TTC Timeline

April 2005 (24 years old) – start dating my future husband

2005 – 2014 – have lots of fun!!

2013 – go off birth control

April 2014 (33 years old) – marry my hubby!  Day after wedding, start actively trying – we’re not spring chickens anymore!!

July 2014 – regular physical appointment.  Dr says that if we’re not pregnant by the holidays, come and see him

August 2014 – ultrasound due to continued spotting – everything looks good

July – December 2014 – keep trying.  Starting measuring temperatures (no noticeable spike – must be something wrong with the thermometer!); keep going to acupuncture; keep reading what I can to understand how this all works…

January 2015 – go to Dr because not pregnant.  Makes referral to fertility clinic

May 2015 – chemical pregnancy

June 2015 – intake at the fertility clinic

July 2015 – Day 3 bloodwork; HSG; ultrasound

And that’s where we are at right now!


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