Check, check and CHECK!

Day 3 bloodwork – check!

HSG – check!

Ultrasound – check!

That means that all of my tests that I needed to do before being able to have my follow up appointment at the fertility clinic are DONE!  BOOM!  It feels great to have them done (even though none of them ‘felt great’ to do) because it means not having to delay our appointment.  We really thought that we were going to have to delay, as we were on vacation during the timing for my Day 3 bloodwork but I’m so impressed with my hubby – he made it happen 😉

You see, we were in BC and weren’t sure if we would be able to use my Alberta requisition form for the bloodwork.  But my hubby persevered and did the research and realized we just needed to head to a BC doctor to get a BC form in order to do my BC bloodwork.  So, early on the Friday morning after Canada Day we trekked into town and spent a couple of hours waiting in line at clinics but we MADE IT HAPPEN!

And now ALL of the tests are done and we are set to go for our follow up in less than 2 weeks.  I can’t wait to get the results of the tests and come up with our plan of action.

T-13 days to the planning for Operation Babymaker 😉