#Microblog Monday – MIA

OK, I have been a very bad blogger as of late. Completely MIA for the past few weeks, nary a peep. I’m sorry but I promise I have good reason for it!  Upon returning from my lovely vacation touring around BC a few weeks ago, I checked my work email and found one telling me I would be travelling to New Jersey and Toronto for the following 8 weeks. Starting the week after that. So I’ve been gone from the virtual world because I have been gone from my physical one as well. I’ve been in 3 different provinces and 2 states over the past 3 weeks, spent 40 hours at home and am writing this from the airport as i head back on the road. It has been very long hours and very exhausting but one of the good things I just realized – doing this work stuff has almost completely distracted me from  our baby stuff. It’s been nice to immerse myself in something other than cycle days and tracking my temperature. I know this will all change very soon as we have our appointment on Friday to make our final decision about our plan but in the meantime, I will enjoy being exhausted by something other than making a baby!


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