Wrong Side of the Bed…


It’s Friday (which is good!) but I feel like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed….  Uggghhhh….  I feel like I’m fixin’ for a fight and that’s never a pleasant mindset to be in.  Already got chippy with the hubby over what we’re having for dinner, although in all fairness we are headed on vacation tomorrow and I want to use things in the fridge!  That makes sense, right?  Luckily, I have no meetings at work and my office-mate is even working from home so hopefully I can sit in my windowless box and procrastinate the day away.  Pinterest, anyone?

Honestly, I’m guessing this is just PMS, which also sucks because it means another month of not pregnant.  Although we have gotten into the fertility clinic and have started that journey, I’m still hopeful that we can make things happen on our own (and potentially save ourselves a crapload of money).  So now I’m not pregnant and in a shitty mood!  Hurray!

Maybe it’s time for a frappucino to make things all better…


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