#MicroblogMonday – Worth Fighting For

In going through this, I find happiness is hard.  It is a fight to feel good, to enjoy life, to not feel like I am wasting time.  I fight to enjoy time with friends and not get overwhelmed by other people’s pregnancies.  I fight to enjoy sex and not have that feel like work.  I fight to keep my relationship strong and to be strong for my husband who is also struggling.  And on top of all that, the happiness I fight so hard for is fragile.  Pregnancy Facebook posts feel like an upper cut.  Hanging out with friend’s kids like a punch to the gut.  My happiness is like a house of cards – so hard to build and yet so fragile and quick to fall down.  But I continue to fight.  I remind myself that I don’t want this time to just fly by.  I revel in sunsets and hot showers and a good laugh.  I fight for the little things, the friendships, to keeping my life mine and enjoyable.  And I fight to make this happen for us because I know one day it will happen and all have been worth it.


8 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – Worth Fighting For

  1. Thanks JustHeather! I’m feeling like I’m in a pretty good place right now (blame the blogging?) and just fighting to keep this streak going 😉 Thanks for the support!


  2. “I revel in sunsets and hot showers and a good laugh.” Fantastic. I wrote about the little things that make us happy this week on #MicroblogMondays too. I read somewhere that by focusing on these little things, we train our brain to look for, and feel, happiness. And that’s a wonderful skill to have at any time in our lives.


    • Thanks Mali! Read your post and love the outlook. For me, I totally started cranky today but then I got to see a cloudy sunset where the rays of light shine through; chocolate cake for dessert and, even better, getting to share it with close friends! Totally helped me to end the day on a high note.


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